4513   vestal road,   Vestal.   NY  13850

Sufen  Gong  L.Ac   O.M.D
She has been helping people improve and maintain their health with acupuncture and chinese medicine. She provides professional treatment with more than 30 years of experience.

 was originated in Chinamore than 3000 years ago,It is safe,painless and no side-effect, acupuncture has been proven effective all  over the world.

Herbal therapy was major treatment in ancient China, it has been used extensively in all kind of conditions, we may recommend you some herbs if necessary when you have acupuncture treatment.

Gong Acupuncture Clinic
4513 vestal road, vestal. NY 13850
ph: 607-621-3126

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine


Acupuncture can restore and improve body's normal functions by stimulating certain points on the meridians to make blocked energy flow smoothly.


Herbs include leaves,stalks,roots,flowers,seeds,and fruits. There are all natural and do not contain any heavy metals and preservative.


Cupping is the process of drawing blood to the surface of the body by application of partially evacuated glass cups, in order to increase local blood supply, relieve internal congestion and release toxicity. 

Consulting and Diagnosis


We offer consulting on your initial visit, based on your symptoms and concern, integrates four examination;looking,asking,pulse diagnosis and physical excamination



We  give you the diagnosis of Traditional Chinese Medicine, figuring out the conditions of Yin-Yang, Qi-Blood, and the meridians which are out of balance.


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